Invest In Our New York


The Invest in Our New York Campaign is a legislative effort to pass the Invest In Our New York Act: a package of six state bills that raises more than $50 billion to ensure we can take care of each other and rebuild our economy by ending tax breaks for the richest New Yorkers. This historic coalition is prioritizing revenue-raising as the single top priority for the 2021 legislative session through a statewide campaign including town halls, lobby days, phone banking, canvassing and more.

Our state-wide coalition, Invest in Our New York, along with supporting legislators, introduces our state package to raise revenue in the 2021 budget session. If passed, historic Invest In Our New York Act would represent single largest measure taken to close New York’s inequality gap in decades. Launch events held across New York State in NYC, Albany, Rochester and Long Island. New York State faces a deficit of ~$60B over the next 4 years. Albany has responded with austerity, cutting essential services and failing to provide relief during our economic crisis. 42% of New Yorkers are experiencing food insecurity and 1.3M+ New Yorkers are at risk of eviction. Community organizations, labor, faith, and service providers across the state are united in calling for $50-70B in new progressive revenue for a just budget and recovery for all.

Information about the Invest In Our New York Act bill package here→